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Chinese traditional culture salon held at UIBE
2016-04-08 03:35:00

The Chinese Traditional Culture Salon displayed a range of fascinating traditional Chinese cultural products from costumes, calligraphy, sugar figurine, to its cuisine at the UIBE on April 7, 2016.

The first thing that jumped at us was the Traditional Costume Exhibition. Visitors could try the clothes on and learn the traditional Chinese etiquette at the same time.

Next was the Calligraphy Exhibition. With a history of more than 3,000 years, Chinese calligraphy developed along with the evolution of Chinese characters. In China, calligraphy has been revered as an art form since it was first used in the 5th Century BC, when it began with a simplified script in which the width of the brush strokes varied and the edges and ends were sharp. The international students were excited to create their own calligraphy works with the guidance of staff. All kinds of styles of their handwriting reflected their personal characters to some degree.

The Sugar Figurine part was popular as well. The master made white sugar into figurines and animals. When he sold them, he would use dozens of bamboo sticks, engraved with points like a domino and then put them into a bamboo tube. The buyer won if they came as a pair, or lost if they didn't come as a pair. The sugar articles were hung with different points of a domino. Whoever got the right point would win and get the sugar figurines. The onlookers were attracted by the interesting game and the splendid skill of the master.

Also featured were the Guzheng programs and dancing programs. Participants could experience the glamour of Chinese traditional culture from different aspects.

This salon was jointly held by International Students Union and International Students Cooperation Department.

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