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UIBE experts analyze Sino-US trade policies
2018-03-28 09:00:00

Experts of the University of International Business and Economics have been taking part in recent forums and seminars hosted by the university on China-US trade policy actions.


A seminar was hosted by UIBE on Sino-US trade on March 23 attended by former commerce minister Chen Deming, former US trade negotiation representatives Susan Schwab and Michael Froman.


The attendees reached a consensus that there will be no winners in a trade war, and the two countries should take active actions to solve problems.


Earlier on March 22, UIBE hosted a forum on China’s economic growth, discussing the challenges facing the Chinese economy and possible solutions.


In addition, UIBE scholars aired their views in interviews to the media.


Tu Xinquan, a professor of TWO at UIBE, told Caijing magazine China should get tough on trade with the United States, as the US has violated the WTO rules by embracing unilateralism and trade protectionism.


Cui Fan, a professor of trade of UIBE, told China Times that the trade disputes between China and the US are centered around industrial competitiveness and the role of the dominant power in global value chains, as well as a contest for leading global economic governance.


If the two sides can sit down and talk about the overall plan and rules of global economic governance to promote the development of the global economic system and the multilateral trading system, it will be a win-win situation, Cui said.


Xue Rongjiu, a professor of trade with UIBE, told People’s Daily that the US’ unilateral move not only harms Chinese consumers’ interests, but also that of the US consumers, as well as the interests of other WTO members.


Gong Jiong, a professor of trade with UIBE, wrote in his column that neither side wants a trade war. They must talk to find mutually acceptable solutions. China can selectively increase imports from the US.


Zhao Zhongxiu, a UIBE professor of global value chain studies, told the media that the conflicts between the capitalists and the workers’ interests in the US are considered a prominent issue of globalization, and China has become a scapegoat. (Li Yang)

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