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UIBE Signed Innovation Entrepreneurship Cooperation Agreement with Israel Tel Aviv University



    UIBE News: From October 17, 2015 to October 21, 2015, Deputy Party Secretary of UIBE, Wen Jun, led a visiting mission to the “Innovation Nation” Israel, and signed an Innovation Entrepreneurship Cooperation Agreement with Tel Aviv University. Wen Jun also paid a visit to the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of China’s embassy in Israel and met with representatives of local entrepreneurs. Associate Dean of School of International Trade and Economics, Cui Fan, Secretary-General of Alumni Association, Zhang Rui, Director of Employment and Entrepreneurship Center, Zhou Bo, and Assistant to the Dean of Business School, Wang Yang, were members of the mission.
    On October 19th, President of Tel Aviv University, Joseph Klafter and Wen Jun officially signed the Innovation Entrepreneurship Cooperation Agreement, which states that the two sides should co-establish International Undergraduate Alliance of Innovation Entrepreneurship and actively promote innovation entrepreneurship cooperation; both parties should exchange students or unite a team to take part in entrepreneurial activities and carry out entrepreneurial practices; either side should support innovation entrepreneurship teachers to visit the other university, hold lectures, develop academic exchanges, implement innovation entrepreneurship studies, among other activities. Klafter, welcomed UIBE students to conduct a short-term learning or study for the degree of Master of Commerce in Tel Aviv University, to experience the rich entrepreneurship atmosphere in Tel Aviv and participate in the on-campus and off-campus innovation practices. The two sides also discussed some topics including the co-culture of EMBA and short-term summer training.


    On October 18th, the day before the signing, Wen Jun implemented the further communication with Assistant to the President of Tel Aviv University, Orly Fromer, and the Chief Executive of Manager Education, Udi Aharoni over the details of the cooperation agreement. Orly Fromer also introduced the history and features of Tel Aviv University in hope for the further cooperation with UIBE. Professor Uriya Shavit of Tel Aviv University gave a special lecture entitled Overview of Israel for the visiting members, presenting Israeli history and culture vividly. 


    Tel Aviv is called the “Unstoppable Innovation City”. In the old district of Tel Aviv, there exists around 1,500 high-tech innovative enterprises, accounting for 23% of the whole nation, 1,000 of which are still in an early stage of development. Tel Aviv University, run by the state, is the country’s biggest university. At present, about two or three hundred Chinese students are receiving higher education at all levels at the university.
  During the visit, the mission also called on the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of China’s embassy in Israel. The Counselor, Wu Bin, introduced the developing status-quo of economy and trade between China and Israel, the situation of Israeli innovative enterprises, and feasibility of deeper cooperation in innovation entrepreneurship.


    In terms of the number of innovative enterprises, Israel ranks only second to Silicon Valley. The average venture capital is 2.5 times that of the U.S. and 20 times that of the Europe. The country attracts world attention by virtue of the power of innovation, thus called the “Nation of the Future”. During the visit, the delegation also met with local entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv and discussed how to promote school-enterprise cooperation, especially the cooperation between student entrepreneurship and investing enterprises so as to achieve the win-win situation between schools and enterprises. The entrepreneurs also introduced Israeli innovative characteristics, centered on innovative culture, mechanism, leadership and practice.
  The visit to Israel is an important measure for UIBE to implement the Embodiment of Innovation Entrepreneurship Education Reform. We should explore actively to establish the International Undergraduate Alliance of Innovation Entrepreneurship and cooperate with relevant universities, based on an extensive knowledge of the status quo of the innovation entrepreneurship education development in various countries and take advantage of other countries, so as to promote innovation entrepreneurship education reform and enhance students’ innovation entrepreneurship abilities.



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