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UIBE Men’s Football Team Participates in the China University Football League



May 1, 2016

A meeting designed to encourage the UIBE Men’s Football Team to participate in the 2015-2016 China University Football League (CUFL) (Northeast Regional Tournament) was held at Room 226, Administrative Building in the morning of April 26, 2016. Attendees included Wen Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of UIBE, Yang Changchun, Vice President of UIBE, Tao Haofei, Director of the Student Affairs Department, deputy secretaries of the party committee of related schools, and all coaches and players of the team.

A video as a prelude to the meeting reviewed the performance of the team in the 2015 Beijing University Minor Football League, showing how the team players won the first prize of the competition despite of the poor weather and intense study schedules.

Yan Feng, Chief Coach of the men’s team, pointed out in his speech that the first prize was attributed to the hard work of all players and support from school leaders, the Department of Physical Education, and related schools. Mr Yan shared his understanding of the question why China was currently paying much attention to football. He thought there were four reasons behind this phenomenon. First, football is the brightest diamond of the crown of professional sports. Second, playing football is an important form to educate teenagers and cultivate their characters. Third, playing football is a vital way to rally people and boost morale. Fourth, students can stay healthy and foster team spirit by playing football.

Zhao Chaoyue, leading player of the team from the School of International Studies, briefly introduced their preliminary preparations, and made a resolution to build a positive image of Beijing university football teams.

Tao Haofei introduced some incentives and policies on the comprehensive evaluation and credits. His explanation provided reassurance to the team members.

Yang Changchun and Wen Jun delivered summary statements respectively. Mr Yang said that it was a success for every team member to participate in the tournament on behalf of UIBE and Beijing. He pointed out that confidence was an important weapon against the diffident. The first prize was attributed to every team member’s effort, showing that UIBE students were so excellent that could overcome difficulties and perform well at the tournament. At the end, Mr Yang encouraged all of the team members to take care of themselves and make more friends with students from other universities.

Wen Jun used “three surprises” to describe how he was proud of the team’s achievement and offered his congratulations. He said that he was first surprised by the ream’s performance despite the insufficient input from the university to build a high-level football team. Mr Wen was second surprised by the team’s insistence despite the fact that UIBE was less advantageous in men’s team sports. The third surprise was that the team made us feel confident by its performance.

At the end of the meeting, all of the coaches and players took photos with university leaders and directors. Players said that they would fight for UIBE and Beijing and do their best at the tournament.


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