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Global foundation of young entrepreneurs
2017-04-05 09:29:00

Global Foundation of Young Entrepreneurs, a new start up foundation that's set its sights on creating a conceptthat young like-minded individuals can really get involved in. Based in Beijing, China, founded by Saman PouyanMehr and governed by a myriad of international students coming from more than 20 different nations studying in the University of International Business and Economics, this organization is truly making stridestowards drawing in the young innovative mind and making it so they can achieve their business goals; a true "foundation to foster entrepreneurs".

Sprawled in white, black and grey their webpage spells out exactly what they're about and what they have to offer right from the start. With GFYE spelling out more than their foundation name it proves to further convey their intentions and practices, to "Grasp your idea, Fertilize your idea, Yield your idea and Enjoy it". It's all about the initial idea and progressing it from its initial conceptual form to a practiced, platform built self; the innovation, the entrepreneurship, the creativity.

Breaking it down, this foundation on the global scale is as a mean to help push the ball rolling forward towards globalization, as well as with members from such diverse backgrounds it speaks to a many people from all over the world. Making it so that if you have a means to see your idea through and need that little extra help their long list of services can surely help you reach their goals. They say it themselves, "your demand is in their interest to supply". Their services include but are not limited to conferences and seminars, workshops, business networking, business consultancy, and funding.

GFYE, a startup organization for those looking to start up; A truly innovative foundation model looking to target the next generation of tech giants and business moguls. The Global Foundation of Young Entrepreneurs is vision of tomorrow. Please see www.gfye.orgfor further information and to get in touch with the foundation.

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