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Solomon Islands Education Minister visits UIBE
2019-10-19 01:56:00

John Moffat Fugui, minister of education and human resources development of the Solomon Islands led a delegation and visited the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) on Oct. 18.

UIBE President Xia Wenbin gave the delegation an introduction to the UIBE, its historical development, unique characteristics, education of international students, and its future development plan. Mr. Fugui's visit to the UIBE will have a profound influence on strengthening the friendship between the two peoples and broadening regional cooperation, said Xia. He added that the UIBE hopes to further its cooperation and communication in the education and culture sectors with the Solomon Islands.


John Moffat Fugui said that China's education industry is developing rapidly and has many experiences and achievements worth learning from. He added that the Solomon Islands attaches great importance to higher education and hoped this visit would be an opportunity to enhance communication and exchanges between the colleges and universities of the two countries and jointly improve the level of educational development.

The delegation applauded the work of the UIBE on training and educating international students.

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