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Prof. Xue Yi: Higher volatility can be expected from T+0 system
2019-01-28 10:09:00

The highly anticipated science and technology innovation board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is likely to adopt the T+0 system, which means investors can sell the stocks they buy on the same trading day, experts said.  Read the story>>


The market expects the exchange to launch the new board in the second quarter at the earliest, which will be a pilot project in China's capital market reforms.


The T+0 system, they said, could improve efficiency of the new stock trading platform insofar as reflecting the supply-demand relationship in prices and boosting liquidity are concerned.

Such an approach could well prompt similar reforms in the broader A-share market, they said.


Higher volatility can be expected if the T+0 system is introduced straightaway at the launch, he said. "That is because when the board has just come into force, only a small number of companies will be listed, making the market prone to volatility."

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